Parfums M. Micallef

a different philosophy

Founded in Grasse in 1996, the M. Micallef brand is now a signature in the world of high end luxury perfumes. With almost 900 retail outlets in 46 countries, the company’s success speaks for itself. Driven by their individual passion and talents, Geoffrey Nejman together with Jean Claude Astier, a renowned “nose” developed exceptional fragrances whilst Martine Micallef with her artistic flair designed and developed a range of beautifully decorated bottles. The bejewelled collection, produced and decorated by hand became an iconic work of art and perfume seducing connoisseurs from all over the world.

Martine Micallef

the soul and the beauty

Martine Micallef was born in St. Paul de Vence and spent her childhood surrounded by art. With her artist’s soul she instinctively developed her talents in designing, painting and sculpturing. Her consistency in creativity and her rich cultural heritage ensure the ever growing success of the brand.

Geoffrey Nejman

a gifted nose for perfume and business

Born in Germany, the hardened businessman from the world of private banking in Europe and the USA was almost seized by a passion for the fascinating and dreamlike world of perfumes in the mid 90’s. Geoffrey has since been in charge of the Micallef scents creation in a perfect duo with Jean Claude Astier. With his banking expertise, he manages the company and works on the financial and structural growth of M. Micallef.


PARFUMS M. Micallef

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06130 Grasse

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AKOWA is the name of an African tribe, keeping secrets and mysteries to themselves and for their heirs. AKOWA is a fragrance based on roots from mysterious African plants, created for discerning men who decide their fates with determination...

EDP 100 ml - Buy online


This perfume is a wonderful elixir that heightens both the scents of gourmet Bourbon vanilla and those refined of tuberose and jasmine. This delightful alliance reminds of tropical paradise.

EDP 30 ml and 100 ml - Buy online

Royal Rose Aoud

Royal Rose Aoud shows a real mastery in rose and aoud combination. Forward-thinking, Parfums M. Micallef contributed to expand this trend. The fruity top note of blackcurrant of Royal Rose Aoud introduces his delicate heart made of rose, from a very special essential oil of Bulgarian rose, which is intermixed to full-bodied and sensual notes of aoud, all based on patchouli, musk and sandalwood. Royal Rose Aoud leaves in the air a wake of demanding women.

EDP 30 ml and 100 ml - Buy online


Gaiac, warm and woody fragrance, rounded by the vanilla, spiced by vetiver and nutmeg. A natural note seducing women as well as men.

EDP 30 ml and 100 ml - Buy online


Emir, the oriental perfume par excellence. Opulent by the presence of Aoud, spiced by pink pepper, rich in patchouli, cedar and musk. A very powerful and male fragrance exceptionally long lasting.

EDP 30 ml and 100 ml - Buy online

Royal Vintage

Royal Vintage, a tonic fragrance of an astonishing freshness. A sparkling bergamot departure and pink berries, followed by notes of the cypress and leather prolonged by patchouly and musk. Royal Vintage, the modern and aromatic perfume.

EDP 30 ml and 100 ml - Buy online

Avant Garde

A perfume very avant-gardist by its olfactive construction. An explosion of marine notes enriched by bergamot and grapefruit. The heart opens on a delicious cocoa note revealing basic notes of Tonka and Russian leather. A fascinating balance of freshness and sensuality!

EDP 30 ml and 100 ml - Buy online


A perfume of an ancestral heritage adapted for the connoisseurs of modern times. A subtle marriage between the Oriental and Western world. A sensual and captivating fragrance, one of most charismatic of the brand. Its mystical character strongly contributed to the reputation and the signature of the house M. Micallef.

EDP 30 ml and 100 ml - Buy online

Jewel for Him

The deluxe and masculine bottle of Jewel for Him is decorated with black Swarovski crystals. Jewel for Him is a perfume created for modern and demanding men. This fragrance combines the freshness of vetiver and the strength of patchouli and cedar. A very attractive and original alliance that is successfully balanced.

30 and 100 ml EDP - Buy online

Ylang in Gold

Bejeweled with Swarovski crystals delicately set by hand, this precious bottle which is part of the Jewels collection contains nectar of an absolute sensuality. Ylang in Gold is composed of a balanced floral bouquet warmed by sunny notes suggesting southern islands: ylang-ylang, sandalwood, coconut and vanilla. On the skin, Ylang in Gold leaves a light and delicate pearly golden dust.

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Bejeweled with Swarovski crystals delicately set by hand, this precious bottle which is part of the Jewels collection contains nectar of an absolute sensuality. Ylang in Gold is composed of a balanced floral bouquet warmed by sunny notes suggesting southern islands: ylang-ylang, sandalwood, coconut and vanilla.

30 and 100 ml EDP - Buy online

Jewel for Her

This fragrance can be worn like a classy and elegant jewel. It combines spicy coriander, cardamom and bergamot, smoothed with jasmine and rose with a warm base note of musk, patchouli and vanilla. The bottle is a signature to the brand: a jewel-bottle of pure and contemporary design, decorated with anthracite Swarovski crystals.

100 ml EDP - Buy online

Royal Muska

Sweetened by his fruity head note, imbued with sensuality of ylang-ylang indolent flowers and sophisticated opulence of roses, Royal Muska is exotic and infinitely feminine. The musky base note brings a velvety composition, giving it a small tropical connotation. The precious bottle is enriched with Swarovski crystals.

30 and 100 ml EDP - Buy online

Ananda Dolce

Soft and sweet fragrance, enhanced by flowery notes of almond and peach. The bottle is dressed with sensuality and finds its final touch in Swarovski crystals confirming the signature and the Artisan Know How of the Ateliers M.Micallef.

30 and 100 ml EDP - Buy online


Confined in beautiful bottles hand decorated with Swarovski stones, the fragrance of Ananda is flowery and delicate, perfectly balanced. The fruity head note of plum is enriched with the floral heart note of violet, based on white musk with a touch of mimosa.

30 and 100 ml EDP, Special edition - Buy online

Ananda Black

The bottle adorned with Swarovski crystals is dressed in a black matt night gown which contains a sophisticated perfume. Black honors tuberoses. Its sparkling lemon and bigarade head note introduce its heart note of jasmine and neroli supported by the sweetness of vanilla and white musk. Feminine, glamorous, Black is dedicated to the mysteries of women’s attraction.

30 and 100 ml EDP, Special edition - Buy online

Mon Parfum

Imagined and created by Martine Micallef according to her deep feelings, Mon Parfum is a concentrate of feminity, sensuality and seduction, faithful to her personality. This precious bottle shelters a gourmet fragrance built on fruity notes as orange and passion fruit carefully accompanied by vanilla and caramel.

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Mon Parfum Cristal

Martine Micallef explored another facet of her personality for the creation of this second fragrance of the collection Mon Parfum. The Bottle of a crystalline transparency contains delicate and floral emanations of Bulgarian roses. In an unexpected way the note vanilla overwhelms by its fruity and sparkling character.

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Mon Parfum Gold

Mon Parfum Gold transports you in the mysteries of Orient. Imagined and conceived by Martine Micallef, Mon Parfum Gold, the third in the Collection, appears to be the most enigmatic… It reveals a fruity fragrance, enhanced by warm notes of vanilla and musk but all its character lies in the mystery surrounding it. Geoffrey Nejman will never unveil the secret ingredient that will take you to the land of “Arabian Nights”. Its sparkling bottle, delicately hand decorated with Swarovski stones, is the most precious of keepers. Close your eyes and let yourself be spellbound…

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All the crystal bottles are decorated by hand and can also be personalised with a name or message… They are filled with the fragrance of your choice from the variety of scents in the Micallef collection.
Available in a range of sizes: 75ml, 300ml, 1l and 3l.
Please contact us for further information.

Artisan production

All the perfumes are produced and hand crafted in the M. Micallef workshop in Grasse - France. The designs and decor are made using the heritage of age-old techniques and methods of the greatest French luxury manufacturing expertise.

Manufacturing process

Natural oils and perfume extracts are all carefully selected from the finest quality. Ingredients are rigorously inspected. They assert their strong personalities and release rich and multi-facetted fragrances seducing with strong emotions for hours and hours.

Natural ingredients

M. Micallef’s creations stand out for constantly exploring the wealth of natural ingredients originating from all continents and there is no compromise on quality. A composition may contain up to 200 ingredients which undergo a complex, carefully orchestrated ritual that can last months before they play a note of perfection.

Bespoke perfume

Whether it is for a Luxury brand, a premium hotel, a royal family or an important international figure who wants to wear his own unique perfume, M. Micallef specializes in designing and producing a Private Label.
On special appointment, please contact us.